Black-bottom Meyer lemon pie.

A rainy Sunday. A yearning to make lattice.
A handful of spicy Meyer lemons. A hidden layer of ganache.
Black-bottom Meyer lemon pie.

…and a relaxed determination to bake everything in the Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book.*

For the pastry
+ 1/2 cups plain flour

1 tsp salt
1 tbsp caster sugar
220g cold butter
1 cup cold water
1 cup ice
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

For the ganache
1/4 cup thickened cream
113 grams dark chocolate

For the filling
1/2 cup Meyer lemon juice (3–4 lemons)
1/4 cup orange juice
Zest from 1 orange + however many Meyer lemons you used
4 large eggs
1 egg yolk
1 + 1/3 cups caster sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup thickened cream


  1. Start preparing the crust a few hours ahead of time.
    Make the same pie crust as for the Four & Twenty Blackbirds Paprika peach pie.

    Blind bake the bottom shell at 180° C until it’s dry all over, then allow it to cool — go on, chuck it in the freezer — while you…
  2. …make the ganache.
    Leave the oven on after you’ve blind baked the crust, but turn it down to 165° C.
  3. Break up the chocolate into single pieces (or chop it into 1cm squares).
  4. Bring the cream to boiling in a small saucepan — it won’t take long.
  5. Remove the cream from the heat, drop the chocolate in, and swirl it around until the chocolate has completely melted. Whisk briefly if needed.
  6. Pour the ganache into the cooled pie shell; use a spatula to spread it evenly on the bottom and about 1cm up the sides.
    Black-bottom Meyer lemon pie.
  7. Put the ganache-filled pie shell back in the freezer while you…
  8. …prepare the filling.
    Zest and juice the lemons and orange, and mix these all together in a medium bowl. Set aside.
    Meyer lemons.
  9. In the bowl of your stand mixer — or a large bowl with hand beaters — beat the eggs, yolk, sugar and salt until thick and creamy pale yellow.
  10. Add the juice and zest, and the 1/2 cup of cream. Mix until fully combined.
  11. Pour the citrus filling into the fully chilled, ganache-lined crust.
  12. Bake at 165° C for about 30 minutes while you…

  13. …prepare the lattice. 
    (The Four & Twenty Blackbirds book has a wonderfully clear illustrated walkthrough, but there are plenty of other guides online — like this one.)
  14. After 30 minutes, remove the half-baked pie from the oven and finish assembling/installing the lattice on top of it.
  15. Bake for another 30 minutes, or until the middle of the pie has fully set and the lattice is golden brown.
  16. Allow the the pie to cool for a few hours before serving (otherwise the insides will go everywhere). It will keep quite nicely in the fridge — just let it sit at room temperature for about half an hour before serving, so the citrus flavour can really come back to life.
    Black-bottom Meyer lemon pie.


*Confession: The Four & Twenty recipe doesn’t call for a double crust/the lattice on top, but I so wanted to make a lattice that I just had to add one. You don’t have to! (But it’s wonderfully rich and flaky, and really tastes like it belongs.)

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