Banana + golden syrup + oat loaf.

I may have baked this in a cake tin, but it’s too wholesome to justify the ‘cake’ label. Oats and yoghurt keep this recipe deep within ‘loaf’ territory. (Bonus: One bowl, no electric mixer required!) Continue reading


Banana granola.

Q 1: “What am I going to do with all these overripe bananas?” Q 2: “What am I going to do about breakfast next week?” Answer: Granola. Lots of protein and fibre. Not that much sugar. Easily gluten-free if you want/need it to be. Continue reading

Apricot, fig + polenta cake.

Olive oil. Polenta. Greek yoghurt. Fruits of the Mediterranean. No butter. No machine-powered mixing. Perfect for breakfast. Continue reading


Peanut butter honeycomb Butterfinger cake.

The PB cake is soft and creamy. The honeycomb frosting will hurt your teeth. The Butterfinger bars are an absurd textural necessity. This is not a cake for the faint-hearted. Continue reading