White chocolate, lemon and blueberry lamingtons.

The lamingtons of my childhood were often the size of a Rubik’s cube… and drier than the Australian outback. These bright, sweet gems are about a quarter of the size, and the sponge alone is something magic. Add white chocolate, blueberry jam and lemon curd and you’re subverting tradition in the most delicious way. Continue reading


The Darling Basics: Don’t have cake flour? Don’t fret.

For every cup of cake flour* you need:

  1. Sift together 1 cup plain flour + 2 tbsp cornflour.
  2. From this, measure out the 1 cup of ‘cake flour’ you need.
  3. Sift the measured 1 cup of ‘cake flour’ again when you add it to your recipe.

Thank you, Smitten Kitchen!

*What’s the difference anyway? Cake flour = less protein and less gluten = cakes that are less dense, less chewy and less ‘bound’ (i.e. softer and fluffier). Thank you David Lebovitz. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to try my hand at those lamingtons…

The Darling Basics: “Why don’t my cookies look like those cookies?”

Because: { via over-ruled } You’re welcome. Advertisements


Triple strawberry snack cake.

A very pink strawberry cake with a moist crumb, a jammy middle and an easy glaze. Super strawberry and super cute, but otherwise not super sweet. Continue reading


Summer pound cake v2.0: orange cake, apricot jam, passionfruit glaze.

A decidedly tropical twist on the ‘original’ Summer pound cake, based on sunshine and sweet fruit. Continue reading


Strawberry jam.

When life gives you 15 punnets of strawberries for $7…make jam (and probably ice-cream too). Continue reading