The Grand Budapest Hotel: DIY Mendl’s “Courtesan au Chocolat”

The Grand Budapest Hotel was perfection, and Mendl’s signature “Courtesan au Chocolat” apparently divine. Now, tiny fiddly pastries aren’t really my thing. But I have recently procured a piping set. And a bunch of food colouring gels… Continue reading


Date + Coffee Hot Cross Buns.

The first batch of HCB for 2014. Inspired by sudden rain and a Southerly change, late on a mid-March Sunday morning. The sun is bright but the air is cooler. The mornings are beginning to smell like Easter. It’s a time for earthy spices, treacly dates and soft, steaming-hot baked goods. Continue reading


Paprika Peach Pie.

If I can’t go back to Four & Twenty Blackbirds every weekend,
at least I can work my way though the The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book.
And maybe I’ll eventually get my head around lattice crusts at the same time.
Two birds, one stone… Continue reading


A Darling Diversion: “From Scratch” Workshop Day at Buena Vista Farm

Last weekend.
Endless blue skies.
The magnificent Buena Vista Farm.
A day-long “From Scratch” workshop.
Gathering vegetables.
Harassing the happy animals.
Learning how to make all the simple things you never thought you could make at home.
Laughing. Making. Playing. Eating. Continue reading


Almond Joy slice.

“Sometimes you feel like a nut! … ”

I wasn’t going to share this recipe — I ended up having to improvise wildly along the way — but two days later the results have been received rather well, so here we are! Continue reading


The Isobel Cake: Blue ombré white chocolate mud cake + peach iced tea frosting.

Isobel usually has white-blonde hair ‘fading’ to dark blue at the ends. (She now has peachy-red hair ‘fading’ to same.) Isobel likes EasyWay iced tea and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. (She also like dinosaurs.)

This is Isobel’s cake. Continue reading