A Darling Diversion: “From Scratch” Workshop Day at Buena Vista Farm

Last weekend.
Endless blue skies.
The magnificent Buena Vista Farm.
Buena Vista Farm_From Scratch Workshop_4
A day-long From Scratch workshop hosted by the inspiringly wonderful Fiona & Adam.

Gathering vegetables.
Harassing the happy animals.

Learning how to make all the simple things you never thought you could make at home.My kind of agenda.

A glorious bunch of friends.

LaughingLearning. Making. Playing. Eating.

Scroll down for endless photos of picturesque hills, chilled-out farm animals, and creative city kids.

The animals…

The plants…

The food…

The fallout: We left feeling nourished in every way. And now my kitchen is full of sourdough starter (and fresh bread!), mellow hand-churned butter, fresh yoghurt (and the labne I strained from it), rhubarb-vanilla jam, couverture-filled cookies, salty crackers, crunchy pickles, and some sauerkraut in the corner (lactofermenting with the whey from the labne).

And I intend to keep it that way.

Trust me, you want to do this.

Buena Vista Farm
Fern Street, Gerringong
From Scratch workshop: currently $195

Fiona also keeps a blog — innerpickle.com.au — about making, baking, and living on a wholesome, sustainable, small-scale farm.

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