Rainbow layer “unicorn” cake.

When your boss requests a unicorn cake for her birthday
and cake-based sculpture isn’t part of your skill set,
it’s time to whip out the colouring gels, whip up some cream-cheese frosting
and go crazy with the sprinkles.

Rainbow layer cake

Cake recipe from Hungry, Darling?
Cream-cheese frosting from Brown-Eyed Baker.
With rainbow sprinkles and silver cachous on top… and all over the office floorboards.

I made five 9-inch layers instead of six 8-inch.
And used coconut essence because, well, I’m out of vanilla.
(The almost-musky flavour somehow seemed to offset the in-your-face candy colours
in a way that sweet-sweet vanilla might not have.)

And that’s that.

Rainbow layer cake inside
(So moist. So cheerful. So absurdly crunchy on top. Ideal cake-to-frosting ration of roughly 1:1.)

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