Featured on: From The Table Top

Last weekend, my friend Agatha of From The Table Top came to breakfast. I slept in. I baked bagels. We ate bagels. Head over to From The Table Top to see the beautiful proof of this and many other lovely food-based moments. Continue reading

Rainbow layer “unicorn” cake.

When your boss requests a unicorn cake for her birthday and cake-based sculpture isn’t part of your skill set, it’s time to whip out the colouring gels, whip up some cream-cheese frosting and go crazy with the sprinkles. Continue reading

“Autumn Daydream Layer Cake”: graham cracker cake + pumpkin cheesecake + maple cream-cheese frosting & maple-coated pecans

This cake is layer upon layer of Fall — a bit of pumpkin pie, a bit of pecan pie, two cakefuls of graham cracker, a hint of cinnabon about the frosting… It’s the kind of cake you bake for a very special occasion, for someone who really deserves a really splendid cake. Continue reading