Pumpkin pie with walnut and cranberry streusel.

Here’s where I just quote directly from my tumblr


[Photo and subsequent recipe by Beantown Baker]

I’ve made this pumpkin pie with walnut and cranberry streusel about a dozen times, which is impressive, since I tend to treat recipes like they’re intended for single use only.

I’ve made it for Americans (in Australia and in the US). I’ve made it for Thanksgivings, Summertime lunches, First Day of Fall, and just because.

I’ve made it for people who have never had pumpkin pie before, for those who say it reminds them of their childhood pumpkin pies, and for those who said they thought they hated pumpkin pie (but have since changed their minds).

I’ve made it gluten-free (rice flour in the crust and streusel), nut-free (pumpkin and sunflower seeds instead of walnuts), and diet-friendly (nonfat yoghurt instead of cream, egg whites only, no butter in the streusel).

This is The Pie. The recipe is quick, easy, forgiving and adaptable (see my list of tips below). The finished product tastes like magic and isn’t overkill at the end of a meal.

But most importantly, I’ve never seen anyone eat this pie without instantly being happier for doing so. I love this pie. Everyone who eats this pie loves this pie.

A few cheats to make it even easier*:

  • I always use my never-fail shortcrust pie crust recipe. Because easy.
  • You can use any thick yoghurt (even nonfat, even Jalna) instead of the heavy cream. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever used cream.
  • In lieu of the 15oz can of pumpkin… Grab a small butternut pumpkin, peel and chop it up, steam it, mash it, and then use 425 grams of it to make this pie. (Leftovers freeze well!)
  • I use the same quantity of craisins instead of fresh cranberries (but good luck to you if you can get the latter). Some good grocery stores sell packets of whole craisins instead of the pre-sliced ones — the whole ones are MUCH better (tarter, juicier, more cranberry-y). Just cut them in half first and you’re good to go.
  • Don’t scrimp on the orange zest or ground cloves — I think these two ingredients are what makes this pie so magic.

Go to it and fall in love!

*Especially if you’re in Australia — a land devoid of canned pumpkin, fresh cranberries and pre-prepared pie crusts.

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