Levain choc-chip walnut cookies.

There’s no mistaking a Levain cookie – a small mountain of fudgey, just-cooked dough filled with chocolate chunks that are miraculously suspended in a semi-molten state. Continue reading

The Grand Budapest Hotel: DIY Mendl’s “Courtesan au Chocolat”

The Grand Budapest Hotel was perfection, and Mendl’s signature “Courtesan au Chocolat” apparently divine. Now, tiny fiddly pastries aren’t really my thing. But I have recently procured a piping set. And a bunch of food colouring gels… Continue reading

White chocolate, lemon and blueberry lamingtons.

The lamingtons of my childhood were often the size of a Rubik’s cube… and drier than the Australian outback. These bright, sweet gems are about a quarter of the size, and the sponge alone is something magic. Add white chocolate, blueberry jam and lemon curd and you’re subverting tradition in the most delicious way. Continue reading